Stylized image readin the words: Today, I am a Muslim Too over a background sillouhette of a mosque.

Times Square, 19 February 2017


MCs: Dean Obeidallah & Judy Gold

12:00 – 12:30: Participants arrival (handled by Mohamed Razvi of COPO)

Opening session: Dean & Judy

12:30 – 12:35: Welcoming remarks by MCs

12:35 – 12:40: National Anthem (lead by Kashish Shamsi)

12:40 – 12: 46: Interfaith prayers (2 minutes each).

  • Rabbi Simkha Weintraub (The Jewish Board, Rabbinic Director)
  • Pastor Owen Williams (St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church, Queens)
  • Imam Rafeek Mohamed (Founder / Principal, Al-Ihsan Academy)

Conveners (3 minutes each):

  • Russell Simmons (Chairman, Foundation for Ethnic Understanding)
  • Rabbi Marc Schneier (President, Foundation for Ethnic Understanding)
  • Imam Shamsi Ali (Spiritual Leader, Jamaica Muslim Center & President, Nusantara Foundation)

Elected Officials: each will speak for 3 minutes:

  1. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio
  2. Assemblyman Robert Carroll
  3. NYC Councilman Ben Kallos (District 5th)
  4. NYC Councilman Rory I. Lancman (District 24th)
  5. NYC Councilman Brad Lander (District 39th)

Speakers: each 2 minutes:

  1. Rabbi Bob Kaplan (JCRC NY)
  2. Rev. N. J. L'Heureux, Jr. (Queens Federation of Churches / Council of Churches)
  3. Sheikh Fadhel Al-Sahlani (Al-Khoei Foundation)
  4. Simon Moss (Global Citizen, Co-Founder & Global Director, Campaign
  5. Rev. Dr. TK Nakagaki (President, Buddhist Council of NY)
  6. Linda Sarsour (Director, Arab American Association New York)
  7. Steven Choi (Executive Director, NY Immigration Coalition)

Entertainment session I: 5 minutes

  • EC Salsero

Speakers (cont.): each 2 minutes:

  1. Mr. Sanford Rubenstein (Civil Rights Attorney)
  2. Doug Hostetter (UN Director, Mennonite Central Committee)
  3. Dr. Henry Goldschmit (Program Director, Interfaith Center of New York)
  4. Rabbi Allison Tick Brill (Congregation E-manuel of the City of New York)
  5. Walter Sebastian Adler (Director of Strategic Planning, General Coordinating Committee)
  6. Minister John Williams (North Conference of Seventh Day Adventist Chruch)
  7. Simran Jeet Singh (Leader, Sikh Community)

Entertainment session II: 5 minutes

  • Prince Rumi

Speakers (cont.): each 2 minutes:

  1. Reza Fakhari (Amnesty International US Board of Directors)
  2. Rev. Peter Heltzel, Ph.D (Director, Micah Institute at NY Theological Seminary)
  3. Reza Fakhari (Amnesty International US Board of Directors)
  4. Rev. Dr. Stephen Holton (Episcopalian Church)
  5. Joyce Dubinsky (CEO/ Vice President, Tanenbaum Center)
  6. Dr. Mohamed Nurhussein (Chairman, United African Congress)
  7. Aldo Rafael Perez (Exe. Director of Muslim & Immigrant Coalition for Justice)

Entertainment session III: 5 minutes

  • Stephan Said

Speakers (cont.) 2 minutes each:

  1. Rev. Dr. Robert Morrison (Presbytery of New York City)
  2. Jenan Matari (Miss Muslim)
  3. Bishop Raymond Rufen-Blanchette, Clergy Campaign for Racial and Economic Justice
  4. Talat Hamdani (911 Family & Friends for Peaceful Tomorrows)
  5. Aminta Kilawan (Sandana, Coalition of Progressive Hindus)
  6. Donna Lieberman (Executive Director of the New York Civil Liberties Union)
  7. Ismail Sayeed (NYU Muslim Community)

Entertainment session III: 5 minutes

  • Ali Kulture

Speakers (cont.) each 2 minutes:

  1. Dr. Debbie Almontaser (Board President, Muslim Community Network)
  2. Daisy Khan (Executive Director & Founder, WISE)
  3. Kwaja Mizan Hassan (Community Leader/Chairman, Jamaica Muslim Center)
  4. Maryam Zakiyah (Youth Activist/American Muslim Youth)
  5. Wali Ullah (Imam, Youth Leader)
  6. Naheed Bahram (Women for Afghan Women)

Entertainment IV: closing song (see below)

  • Kashish Shamsi

Closing: (Imam Shamsi Ali & Rabbi Marc Schneier thank all volunteers/participants)

All conveners and religious leaders & speakers present to the stage to sing: 1) America the Beautiful & Stronger together.

  • Action International Center
  • Albanian Cultural Center
  • Al Ihlsan Academy
  • Muslim Officers Society
  • Ameri Peace Inc
  • AL Kheoei Center NY
  • Arab American Association of NY
  • American Society for Muslim Advancement
  • Auburn Seminary
  • Bosnian Community Center, Richmond Hill, NY
  • Buddhist Council of NY
  • Cathedral St. John the Divine
  • Catholic Scholars for Worker Justice
  • Central Jersey Islamic Center
  • Central Synagogue
  • Chautauqua Institution
  • Chhaya CDC
  • Citizen Action of NY
  • Clergy Beyond Borders Conference
  • Clergy for Living Wage
  • Ansche Chesed
  • Congregation Beit Simchat Torah
  • COPO (Council of People’s Organization)
  • Cordoba Initiative
  • Darul Qur’an Bay Shore, Long Island
  • East West Association of Sikh Women for World Peace
  • Egyptian-American Cultural Association
  • EmblemHealth
  • Episcopal Diocese of New York
  • Faith House Manhattan
  • Federation for Middle East Peace
  • Fellowship of Reconciliation
  • Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church
  • Fiscal Policy Institute
  • Foundation for Ethnic Understanding
  • Ghanaian-American Muslim
  • Greater New York Labor Religion Coalition
  • Hillside Islamic Center
  • ICLI (Islamic Center of Long Island)
  • Interfaith Center Of NY
  • Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing
  • Masjid e Ali, Somerset, NJ
  • Interfaith New York Disaster Services
  • International Federation of Rabbis
  • International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
  • Interreligious Federation of Queens
  • Interreligious Federation USA
  • Intersections International
  • Islamic Center of NYU
  • Islamic Cultural Center of New York
  • Jamaica Muslim Center, Queens
  • Jamaica Muslim Youth
  • Jainism Community (Bawa Jain)
  • Jewish Theological Seminary
  • Judson Memorial Church
  • Kolot Chayeinu / Voices of Our Lives
  • Kristin Ford of the Faith in Public Life in DC
  • Living Wage in NYC
  • Long Island Catholic Diocese

  • Long Island Interfaith Alliance
  • Long Island Muslim Society (LIMS)
  • Masjid Abu Huraira
  • Masjid Al-Ikhlas
  • Masjid An-Nasr
  • Majlis As-Shura, New Jersey
  • Marble Collegiate Church
  • Martin Luther Center for Nonviolence
  • Masjid Al-Hikmah, Queens
  • Masjid Dar al-Dawah
  • Masjid Darul Qur’an Bay Shore, Long Island
  • MECCA Center
  • Mennonite Central Committee UN Office
  • UN Alliance of civilizations
  • Middle East Federation for Peace
  • MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs Council)
  • Mt. Hope Masjid
  • Multi-faith Voices for Peace & Justice
  • Muslim Day Parade
  • Muslim Foundations of America, Inc.
  • Muslim Peace Fellowship
  • National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA
  • New Sanctuary Movement NYC
  • New York City Labor Against the War
  • New York Immigration Coalition
  • New York Neighbors For American Values Coalition
  • NYC to Coalition to Stop Islamophobia
  • Park Avenue Synagogue
  • Pax Christi Metro New York
  • Queens Federation of Churches
  • Riverside Church
  • Saint Peter’s Church
  • September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
  • Shalom Center
  • Shomer Shalom Network for Jewish Nonviolence
  • St. Paul and St. Andrew's Church
  • St. Bartholomew's Church
  • St. Peter's Church
  • Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding
  • Workmen's Circle
  • Faith in NY
  • Amnesty International
  • New Creation Ministries Inc.
  • Partnership of Faith in New York City
  • Global Citizens Festival
  • Muslims for Peace
  • Church of Ascension
  • B’nai Jeshurun Synagogue
  • Northeastern Conference of Seventh Day Adventist
  • African Imams Council
  • New York Hotel Trades Council
  • 32 BJ
  • T'ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights
  • The Society for the Advancement of Judaism
  • Brooklyn For Peace
  • NYS Interfaith Network for Immigration Reform
  • Coalition of Progressive Hindus
  • MiddleChurch
  • Women for Afghan Women
  • Muslim Community Network